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Yes we would like to share the process involved in Corporate Limousine Car Service at Vintage Limousine; initiating from Service Request till final Pick-up. It is a very simple and obvious process from the consumer point of view but for Vintage Limousine a comprehensive working strategy is involved. As we value our customers on high notes as well as guarantee our service standards at best. To achieve it, we have clear and concurrent working steps involving checks and balances, confirmations and back up plans.

The process starts when a customer calls or send an email for the transportation service. The reservation staff will enter all the details of the customer and requested service in the system. Once the reservation staff has locked the service request in the system, he / she will again check and verify the details with the customer, this is the first verification control. After entering the details in the system an auto-generated response email is sent out to the customer, which is second verification control. All the calls and emails received and sent by the reservation staff of Vintage Limousine are also recorded and subject to substantive checking, this is quality control. And at the end all the reservation requisition are re-verified and confirmed by the Reservation Manager before proceeding further, this is third verification control.

The confirmed transportation service requests are then forwarded to operations department for further action. The operation staff will double-check the information and details entered by the reservation staff, before assigning it to the available drivers, this is fourth verification control. The service request is then electronically transferred to the driver via his iPad, and the driver will response to request along with assigned vehicle and his / her availability confirmation. Also 24 hours prior to the service execution another reservation call and email is sent out to the customer by the reservation staff, this is fifth verification control.

Maximum 02 hours prior to the service request execution, assigned driver will report to the mentioned garage and check and verify the vehicle along with the mechanics and garage staff. Garage staff will then enter the driver check-in and other details in the system against the relevant reservation request along with visual inspection of the vehicle. When the vehicle is handed over to the driver, he / she is updated in the system as on route. Each vehicle has secure GPS and security cams attached, therefore 15-20 minutes before the pick-up point customer is notified on his phone through call or text message this is sixth verification control.

When the driver reaches the pick-up point he will update the system through his / her iPad as on location, and will try to contact the passenger immediately through passenger preference contact medium provided to the reservation staff.  The driver will update the system as on route with the passenger when he / she starts the journey with the passenger and finally when he / she reaches on the destination, the  system is updates as route complete.


This is the complete picture of the Vintage Limousine Executive Car Service. As you have noticed that there are concurrent and effective checks and controls at each level to assure the quality of the service provided to our valuable clients. So next time when you will have a reservation with Vintage Limousine, you should not worry about anything and be confident that we will contact you before every step.

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To endure travelling in a dynamic way that, it stays no more the simple travelling but, becomes a special journey.

We aim to provide high-quality and dedicated Transportation Services in Orlando, and to meet the Transportation needs of every customer in immensely sumptuous manner so that our customer’s journey stays delightful amusing and enjoyable throughout.

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